-Speaking Engagements                        

-Mixed Chicks Sorority Anniversary

-Meet Up for Members

-Spirit Week

-Mix Race Love Magazine

-Mixed Television Network

-Mixed Millennial Show

- Hartford Community Leaders Show

-National Women's Studies Association 

-Women's Business Enterprise National Council

- Book projects

-Music projects

-Program $Financial$ Freedom Women & Girls

-Program Creating a Future Women & Girls

-Program Eating a Healthy Lifestyle

-Program Body Image

-Visit Mixed Race Museum

-Visit National Museum of the American Indian

-Visit African American Museum

-Visit HBCU Museum

-Visit National Women's History Museum

-Visit National Women's Hall of Fame Museum

-United Day  of Women

-Women's March

-Native American Parade

-African American Parade

-German- American Steuben Parade

-Irish  American Parade

-Mixed Remixed Festival

-Mixed Heritage Day

-Loving Day 

-ACPA Multi-Racial Network

-Critical Mixed Race Studies conference

-Asthma & Allergies Foundation of America

-The American Lung Association of America

-Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk



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